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Codarts Rotterdam

Codarts is a Rotterdam based international university providing high level professional arts education in music, dance and circus arts. The university has about 1,000 students, of 50 nationalities, and around 340 staff members.

Codarts is the link between talents and the international professional field. In the end, everything is about connections. Connections between artist and colleagues, between artist and audience, between artist and society. Obviously, the international professional field comes to Codarts to scout talent. Aside from that, Codarts is in close contact with numerous local, national and international organisations in order to make those talents be seen and heard outside its own walls as well.

For many years the music study programmes at Codarts have had a high reputation both at home and abroad. The good name of the school can be attributed to the top quality it offers in a broad range of study areas (classical music, jazz, pop music, world music, music theatre, music in education), attuned to the demands of the international professional field. This gives students the possibility to come in contact with different music styles in an international environment with students from all the continents and teachers of international name and fame.

Codarts prepares its dance students for a professional career as dancer or teacher. By emphasizing excellence, Codarts aspires to educate highly qualified dance artists who can find work in the international employment market. In the studios of Codarts, as well as our own top teachers, there are always dance professionals from the Netherlands and abroad at work as guest teachers or choreographers. The students gain ample stage experience through performances, theatre tours and festivals, and through internships at well-known dance companies with which Codarts has close ties. Students are also able to take part in exchange programmes with other prominent dance schools in Europe and the USA.

The bachelor’s programme in Circus Arts provides a four-year training for young talents to become professional performing circus artists. They qualify in their own circus specialization. Besides, they acquire a broad base of circus techniques. Theatre, dance and creation are also important components of the study programme. During their study students already build up much practical experience through projects and presentations, at festivals and in theatres.Circus Arts is member of the FEDEC, the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools, and participates in the conferences, the workshops and the school presentations at the CIRCA Festival in Auch, France.

In the interest of the further professionalization of the university and its study programmes, Codarts pays much attention to research.