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Teacher physical theatre Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art (ACAPA)

Geplaatst: 12-09-2018
Sluitingsdatum: 27-09-2018
Tilburg (Noord-Brabant) 
min. 0,1 fte, max. 0,1 fte 
max. 10 (€2.704,41 - €4.094,11) 


The teacher physical theatre will teach the second year students of ACAPA.
For more information about the program see www.fontys.edu/circus

The education of ACAPA enables its students to start a professional career in the artistic field of contemporary circus and in other related performing arts. It provides them with the capacities to meet the requirements of an continuously evolving art on a professional level. This consists of mastering the common language, and the specific correlation between artistic processes and technical excellence.

In the first two years of the program, the focus is on basic skills and knowledge. The students develop an understanding of the physical practice and methods of training, creating and the theoretical context of the circus profession.

During physical theatre the student develops an understanding about how to be on stage. They learn about stage presence, neutrality and expressivity. They are invited to explore their own body language as an instrument of expression. Importance is laid on the development of the student’s capacity for improvisation, cooperation and creation in a group. In this level, the student is introduced to several means of composition to apply in group- and individual work. Collective and individual feedback are part of the course.


Fontys trains students to become meaningful professionals with an impact on society. We are an innovative organization and together with the professional environment we quickly anticipate developments in the region. Our employees are constantly seeking inspiration and challenges. It is with great passion that we deliver our educational programme and thereby provide a valuable contribution to relevant themes in society. We look across borders and learn to discover new opportunities. We cultivate our students and employees talents by providing them with attention and challenges. This is our collective ambition: to do and think bigger!


At Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts you will find qualitative art education in a dynamic environment in which change is more the rule than the exception. We are a university that is flexible and able to respond well to the changes around us.

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts is located in a beautiful building in the heart of Tilburg, where it provides a space for all art disciplines, arts education and performing arts, bachelor’s and master’s programmes. Practical and research-based learning is central to the programmes. In addition to bachelor’s and master’s programmes, we are committed to developing talent before, during and after studies. We believe in an art world without borders and aim to experiment through research, by working together with a diversity of partners. Future teachers and artists stimulate each other to explore and give shape to the world inside and outside FHK.

At Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts you work in an international, interdisciplinary environment where art students are visible and where it is bursting with energy.

Functie eisen

  • Knowledge of and experience in physical theatre;
  • Experience in or affinity with circus;
  • Experience in teaching and testing in higher education.


Temporary for 1 year.

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