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Practice-oriented Research Professor (0.5 fte) – Commercial Art and Design Practices

Geplaatst: 06-04-2018
Sluitingsdatum: 08-05-2018
Hogeschool Rotterdam
Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland) 
Onderzoek / Lector 
Tijdelijk, Vast 
min. 0,5 fte, max. 0,5 fte 
max. 15 (€5.375,64 - €6.940,60) 


Your tasks include:

  • research;
  • teaching;
  • continued education of teachers;
  • sharing knowledge with and contributing expertise to the professional field of artists and designers and to society at large;
  • obtaining external project funding for research.


You are familiar with design research and/or artistic research methods. A key focus of your work will be art- and design-driven experiments that contribute to the larger economy and help rethinking it. Examples include experimental currencies, new economies of exchange and value creation, new modes of production and consumption (such as bottom-up ‘sharing economies’), new forms of branding and commission-based commercial creative work.

As a Practice-oriented Research Professor you work in close collaboration with the course coordinator and teaching teams of WdKA’s Commercial Practices. Together, you develop multi-annual research programs that are strongly embedded into the curriculum and produce meaningful projects with both economic and educational impact. You coordinate your research with the two practice-oriented research professors (lectoren) for WdKA’s Autonomous and Social Practices and seek interdisciplinary collaboration with them.

You will analyse new developments in the larger economy, in industries and academic research in their relation to art and design, as well as new developments in art and design that contribute to the rethinking of what is commercial. You research what will be relevant for (future) study programmes and help translate these insights into new curricula.

You contribute innovative research and ideas to the professional field of art and design and to the economy and society at large.

You will contribute to WdKA’s long-term and short-term research agenda and planning, developing them in close coordination with its study programmes.

You will initiate and supervise externally funded research projects in collaboration with external partners to foster research within and extend the impact of WdKA’s Commercial Practices.


You contribute to teaching on all levels (Bachelor and Master) of WdKA’s curriculum. Within WdKA and Rotterdam University of Applied Science, practice-oriented research is closely connected to teaching and oriented towards improving the quality of the school.

Knowledge gained from research will continuously be translated into WdKA’s art and design curricula. It will crucially inform our students, contribute to their competence and critical expertise. Your research will contribute to innovative visions on the future of art and design and their practice.

You will work as part of WdKA’s Research Station, a cross-curricular research workspace within the school, and with the teacher teams of WdKA Commercial Practices. You will be clearly visible as a lead researcher and engage with diverse approaches of visualisation and material embodiment in artistic research and research-by-design.

Continued education of teachers

You will contribute to the continued education of WdKA’s teachers, involve them in research projects and guide their individual research, including PhD theses.

Sharing knowledge and contributing expertise

As Lector (Practice-Oriented Research Professor) you develop collaborative research with students, teachers and external partners and experts, with the aim of critically developing the concept, position and activity of art and design as commercial practices. Part of your work is to research the added value of artists, designers and educators within projects with economic impact. Your research has an international perspective and international network of peers.

You are a capable writer, presenter and moderator who enjoys to publicly share findings and results, inside WdKA and outside, nationally as well as internationally. You contextualise, share and present your own research as well that of students and teachers. You publish both academically and for larger audiences, in traditional and non-traditional forms, and are available to advise external partners such as companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions. You will represent WdKA in regional, national and international meetings, networks and in the media. You are open for creative and experimental forms of presentation and publishing, and to publishing your work Open Access.

Obtaining external funding

Part of your tasks is to obtain external funding for research projects that make important contributions to WdKA’s research and curriculum.

For this purpose, you work in collaborative networks with other research institutes and stakeholders (such as companies, design bureaus and art/design institutes).


Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is a dynamic knowledge institute for higher professional education.

Over 30,000 students and around 3,000 members of staff are pursuing their career here - the typical Rotterdam way: through our Rotterdam Educational Model we provide practice-focused, well-considered, flexible education that allows all of our students and staff to play an important role in real, innovative projects. We teach them how to play that role and provide them with the necessary tools: an expert view, a lot of nerve, and a result-focused approach.


Willem de Kooning Academy (part of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) is looking for a practice-oriented research professor (lector) for Commercial Art and Design Practices. An academic with excellent design-driven or artistic qualifications in the field, substantiated by a PhD or equivalent achievement.

Willem de Kooning Academy is a leading international academy for bachelor- and master programmes in media, art, design, leisure and education. Willem de Kooning Academy contributes to a small-scale and high-value creative industry of makers, and to the development of Rotterdam as a hotbed for visual culture and applied artistic research. The ambition to contribute to the optimal personal development of our students, aimed at entering an innovative, critical professional arena where high demands are made of creative talent, is the most important motive for fulfilling this position.

The Commercial Practices programme of Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) is focused on art and design as engagement with:

  • commissioned commercial design work and brand innovation;
  • new economic developments and disruptive innovation through new technologies, globalisation and other factors. It makes up a third of WdKA’s interdisciplinary curriculum and involves students from all art and design disciplines.

Key focus of the programme and the professor’s research is the redefinition of commercial design and art in a time where the roles between designers, producers, companies and consumers/users are radically changing (as further explained on the following page under the headline Commercial Practices: https://www.wdka.nl/stories/our-three-graduation-profiles).

The Commercial Practices curriculum currently consists of courses on branding, future products and services, data design and service design. As one of WdKA’s three graduation profiles, the Commercial Practices are complemented by Social Practices and Autonomous Practices which have their own curriculum and research professors.Willem de Kooning Academy is looking to recruit a Practice-oriënted Research Professor (“lector”) for 2.5 work days.

Functie eisen

  • You are an experienced researcher. You have conducted complex, innovative, multi-year research projects.
  • You are skilled in developing and communicating new ideas for the art and design field and society at large.
  • You have proven skills in developing and fostering professional networks and collaborations with other researchers and art and design professionals nationally and internationally.
  • You have obtained a PhD or have an equivalent work and research portfolio.


University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam) offers you a fixed term contract for the period of six years (D4). The salary range is HBO-CAO grade 15 (€ 5,375.64 minimum and €6,940.60 maximum per month) for a full time employment, exclusive of 8% holiday pay and 8.3% end-of-the-year bonus. Our fringe benefits include excellent training facilities and an attractive pension scheme. An assessment is part of the procedure.

Contact informatie

For more information about this position and the selection procedure, please contact Roger Teeuwen, Educational Manager WdKA, telephone number +31 (0)10-794 4653, e-mail: r.teeuwen@hr.nl.

Please submit your application with a motivation letter, CV, publication list and copies of your academic degrees via our website. If you are living abroad, please send in your application through e-mail: recruitment@hr.nl. If your portfolio exceeds 10 MB we advise you to use WeTransfer and the e-mail: recruitment@hr.nl.

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