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Lecturer Languages English/Dutch & Coordinator Language Policy

Geplaatst: 11-09-2019
Sluitingsdatum: 25-09-2019
Tilburg (Noord-Brabant) 
min. 0.6 fte, max. 0.8 fte 
max. 11 (€3.560,72 - €4.892,31) 


Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI) is an institute with a lively atmosphere and high international ambitions. The ACI institute offers 4 courses, two of which, Digital Business Concepts and International Lifestyle Studies, are also offered in English (ETP's). For ACI we are looking for an inspiring language teacher for both English and Dutch who will also coordinate ACI's Language Policy.An ACI language policy was approved in 2017. This policy has brought about a number of new language-related challenges for ACI that also need to be properly managed from an organisational point of view. Our new colleague will further develop the objectives of the language policy, set up and implement a training programme for teachers and staff in the English language and maintain contacts with both the ACI translator and the linking pins for English for each course. The language policy will be evaluated this year. Therefore, this vacancy is initially for a period of one year.In addition, you will teach our students professional communication (e.g. academic writing) in Dutch and English.The most important tasks are:
  • Developing and teaching Professional Communication lessons (scientific writing in Dutch and English) for students;
  • Execution of the ACI language policy, including the performance of English Level Assessments for employees (teaching and support staff);
    • Organising and coordinating an English training programme for staff;
    • Develop and teach English courses (levels A2+ to C1+) and customised courses for staff;
    • Act as ACI's main contact for all matters relating to language policy and support staff and teachers with their daily challenges in the field of English.
  • Keep in close contact with the ACI translator and other English teachers of the various courses.


Fontys has excellent development opportunities for employees. As with our students, our starting point is 'Growth through attention and challenge'. We challenge employees to develop their talents. Fontys has very good (secondary) terms of employment, such as a wide range of career and development opportunities, an extensive range of activities for a healthy and active lifestyle ('Fontys Fit'), an end-of-year bonus and a number of group insurances. In addition, Fontys has a flexible working hours and leave scheme.


Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (Fontys ACI) is a leading educator for the creative industry. Fontys ACI students are creative, entrepreneurial and flexible. They have a passion, seek challenge and adventure. They want to be just that little bit different from others. For example, they are interested in music, events, lifestyle and/or digital developments and know that the world is bigger than where they come from. Fontys ACI offers students a safe and creative environment where they can invent, research, analyze, develop and try out. Our students come up with creative concepts and products that benefit others, but that can also earn money.At Fontys ACI we work in an open work environment where teachers and students share the same flexible workspace. You will work in a multidisciplinary team, in smaller departments but also individually for and with our students. We are in close contact with the creative industry and this is reflected in everything we do. For example, we provide education at creative companies on location.Approximately 2,500 HBO students are studying at the following bachelors:
  • Bachelor Commercial Economics - International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies (CE IEMES) (NL)
  • Bachelor Communication - International Event, Music & Entertainment Studies (CO IEMES) (NL)
  • Bachelor of International Lifestyle Studies (ILS) (NL + ENG)
  • Bachelor Commercial Economics - Digital Business Concepts (CE DBC) (NL + ENG)
* English-language variants of the ILS and CE DBC programmes.In addition, Fontys ACI offers five minors:
  • Minor Accountable Concepting for Arts & Leisure Entertainment (NL)
  • Minor Design 360 (NL)
  • Minor Dance Industry (NL & ENG)
  • Minor Transmedia Design for Creative Industries (ENG)
  • Minor Trendwatching (NL & ENG)
There is also a wide range of exchange programmes for students from our international partner universities and there are excellence programmes for students who are looking for extra challenges.Why is it so nice to work at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries?If you ask our employees why it is so much fun to work for us, they say:Ilse Wijdeven, lecturer at IEMES: 'No two days are the same here. The job There is a young, lively and friendly atmosphere here. Contact with students is easily accessible.Inge van Doornmalen, DBC lecturer: 'Thanks to this work, I can become acquainted with the latest digital innovations in the business world.’Huib van Engelen, lecturer ILS: 'Working with students gives me a lot of energy! ‘Simone Bissels, lecturer ILS: 'You get a lot of freedom to develop things here. I have nice colleagues ‘from whom I can learn a lot.’Rogier Haasnoot, lecturer IEMES: 'Every day is different. It's great to be able to work with the professionals of the future.’Sharona Laurijssen, Marketing & Communication Officer: 'I find it important to work in a dynamic and creative environment. At Fontys ACI, you can be yourself. You have plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself and continue to learn every day.’

Functie eisen

  • Master's degree in English or Applied Linguistics;
  • Educational qualification (first degree, CELTA/DELTA, TEFL or equivalent);
  • Experience in teaching English and Dutch for scientific writing and/or in a professional context;
  • Experience in assessing speaking and writing skills (e.g. Cambridge or IELTS examiner);
  • Experience in higher education (higher professional education or university education);
  • Excellent organisational or project management capabilities;
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels of the organisation;
  • The possibility to enthusiastically create a basis for support for the language policy;
  • Experience with intercultural classrooms and/or intercultural competences;
  • Excellent command of English and Dutch;
  • Flexibility in a dynamic organization.


Form of contract: temporary with fixed view

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