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Lab coordinator Sustainable Medialab The Hague

Geplaatst: 16-09-2022
Sluitingsdatum: 30-09-2022
Hogeschool Inholland
Onderzoek / Lector, Onderwijsgevend 
min. 0.2 fte, max. 0.3 fte 
max. 11 (€3.881,09 - €5.332,48) 


Inhoud functie
Within the Faculty of Creative Business at Inholland, we offer faculty-wide, cross-curricular courses in years 3 and 4. This is multidisciplinary, design-oriented education in a social context. Many of these elective courses consist of lab tracks at locations in four cities in the Randstad region. Every semester, around 200 students and 50 lecturers from at least 6 degree programs work with professional partners in the various lab tracks to solve a 'wicked problem'. In each lab track, the curriculum is naturally and seamlessly integrated with a large research program led by an enthusiastic professor. The motto in lab-based education is: 'Knowing what to do, when you don't know what to do.'

A lab is jointly 'run' by the learning director, the lab coordinator and the lab lead and learning coaches. The learning director is responsible for setting the pace of the curriculum and coaching the learning coaches. These learning coaches guide the students. The lab coordinator is responsible for the organisation of the lab, and the lab lead is responsible for the research program, the themes and knowledge-building in the lab. This knowledge is continuously shared between labs and contributes to building a sustainable body of knowledge over time.

The Sustainable Media Lab in The Hague:
Building creative spaces and enabling media ecosystems that can stand the test of time
The most recent Lab at Inholland is the Sustainable Media Lab which is based in the Hague. In the Lab, we collaborate with professional partners from media, creative business and technology sectors. Examples of organizations we are currently working- or discussing partnership with include: arte, Sony Pictures, Waag, Fairphone, Greenhost, Hivos, Gemeente Den Haag and the Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands.

Have a look at our website to see how we are building our lab community: www.sustainablemedialab.eu.

At the Sustainable Media Lab we bring together leading researchers, experts and practitioners to explore what more sustainable media systems could look like. Rapidly changing technical, legal, and societal environments require a different way of thinking about media, its technical entanglements and its role in society. In doing so, the Lab enables new ways of thinking about the role of technology in society. By re-imagining human interactions with socio-technical systems, we believe it is possible to build more sustainable media ecosystems. The lab offers a 20-week program in English.

Jouw rol
Being a lab coordinator in our Sustainable Media Lab in The Hague means you have a unique opportunity to help build an innovative platform in The Hague where research, education, residents and local organizations come together. You'll work in collaboration with a team that is motivated to innovate education, to learn and to contribute to society.

The lab coordinator:
  • is responsible for the daily operations of the lab;
  • is the linking pin between students, lecturers, the lab director, professors and partners;
  • coordinates the intake of students and alignment of curricula;
  • is the contact person for students participating in the lab;
  • coordinates lecturer participation and alignment with the degree programs;
  • manages relationships with existing professional partners and experts;
  • in collaboration with other Inholland labs, establishes contacts with new experts and initiates new collaborative relationships with partners;
  • plans various meetings such as feedback meetings, expert sessions and workshops;
  • organizes kick-offs and closing events at the beginning and end of the school terms;
  • performs office management tasks such as ordering supplies, taking minutes and maintaining records of student research and results;
  • documents data and data collection: surveys, design rationale and social innovation outcomes of teams;
  • collaborates with the lab coordinators of other Inholland labs and the network organization;
  • supports professors at the lab;
  • maintaining the lab website;
  • promoting the lab to both regular degree programs and potential partners;
  • coordinating content and speakers;
  • handling internal and external promotion of programs.

Wie ben jij
  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar role within education and/or multi-year experience in a role with comparable competencies
  • an affinity for education, innovative design research methods;
  • an understanding of the role of technology in society
  • an ability to communicate the mission and values of the lab to students and partners
  • the ability and desire to create connections;
  • experience in and a strong affinity for office management;
  • a methodical and structured work approach;
  • is customer-oriented (i.e. student-oriented);
  • works with a focus on accuracy and quality;
  • has strong communication skills in both spoken and written English and Dutch;
  • availability, flexible or otherwise, of 80 - 120 hours per term, including on Mondays and Fridays.

Wat bieden wij
  • The initial engagement will be for a period of 3 to 6 months, but longer when necessary
  • The gross salary has been set at a maximum of € 5,332,48 per month in salary scale 11 on the basis of full-time employment.
  • A working week of 8 - 12 hours a week.
  • An 8% holiday allowance paid out in May
  • An 8.3% year-end bonus payable in December
  • A generous leave scheme allowing for individual choice. For example: employees with a full-time appointment who have opted to work 40 hours a week will have 428 hours of leave per year. This comes down to a total of 53.5 days off. Our leave scheme includes the compulsory days off and all national and public holidays.
  • An attractive pension scheme through ABP (Pension Fund for government and education sector workers).
  • Easily accessible work locations in The Hague
  • All travel expenses for public transport will be reimbursed in full. If you choose to use your own transport, please be aware that you will be reimbursed to a limited extent.
  • We will provide you all the facilities you need to further your professional and personal development. We value your willingness to learn. The courage to learn is one of our core values.
  • You will be covered by a partial disability insurance paid for entirely by Inholland University of Applied Sciences.
  • We offer our employees a generous paid parental leave scheme and a supplement to the statutory spousal leave schemes in the event of child birth or adoption.
  • We provide a pleasant and informal working environment, and know our colleagues and students by name.
  • In addition to these employment benefits, we also offer a selection menu through which you can - for example - buy and sell holidays over and above the statutory minimum, take part in our bicycle scheme or offset your travel expenses and union dues.
The social partners remain committed to improving the quality of education, research, the educational organisation and staff. We adhere to the collective labour agreement for higher professional education (cao hbo). An attractive package of primary and secondary employment conditions.

Our university offers employment conditions in accordance with the collective labour agreement "cao hbo", which are generous conditions. Please use the following link to find out about all that we offer our employees at Inholland (in Dutch): hier.

Jouw werkomgeving
As you will notice when you come to work for Inholland, we are committed to our students and staff. Our organisational culture is personal and intimate, ensuring a learning and working environment where everyone knows each other by name. We offer you the space you need to keep developing yourself both professionally and personally, regardless of your role or level within the organisation. This will help you to be an inspiring example for our students (as they are for us) and remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

At each of our 8 locations across the Randstad conurbation, from the northern part of North Holland to the Drecht cities, we help students develop into confident professionals capable of making society more sustainable, healthy and creative. We offer a safe foundation to prepare them for the jobs of the future. We offer a broad range of higher professional education programmes and research opportunities that optimally reflect developments in the field and cover various areas of interest: from healthcare to economics and from technology to education.

Our lecturers and support service staff set high standards for our students, each other and themselves. In our ever-changing world, it takes courage to be vulnerable and adjust your views to reflect new insights. It also takes guts to keep a critical mindset, try out new things and follow your instincts. Real progress requires a constant process of exploration, trial, error and persistence. Learning = daring.
Would you like to learn more about the domain Creative Business? Check out our employer story through the following link (site in Dutch): Werken bij Creative Business (inholland.nl)

We understand you may still have some questions about this position. You may be curious about our working environment or want to know what it's really like to work in the context of the Sustainable Media Lab. Please feel free to put all your questions to Carmencita Boekhoudt (Projectmanager Onderwijsinnovatie) by calling 06 2111 5297.

If you've got the courage to take on this challenge, please send us the following elements of an application:
  • Your CV
  • Three things you would be excited to work on at the Lab (max 1-page A4)
  • An image that demonstrates your organizational skills.
We look forward to receiving your application before 30 September 2022. We will respond to your application shortly after the application closing date. Interested in becoming our new colleague? We hope to welcome you to our team soon.

Michel van den Berg, senior wervingsadviseur
+31 6 51353151

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