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Creative Brand Designer

Geplaatst: 28-11-2019
Sluitingsdatum: 11-12-2019
Eindhoven (Noord-Brabant) 
Management / Leidinggevend 
min. 0.8 fte, max. 1 fte 
max. 10 (€2.769,32 - €4.192,37) 



The current Dutch school system is very fragmented. Especially on University level the offer consists of a large number of mono-disciplinary studies. The fast changing world we live in gives people a lot of opportunities: to connect, to learn, to play and to work worldwide. These changes have dramatically changed the game of life. Surprisingly, the place that is supposed to prepare children for society – school – does not seem to be changing at the same pace. That’s why we took action and founded Fontys PULSED. We are an international and interdisciplinary team of educational designers. We are located at the Brainport region, which is known as one of the smartest regions in the world and has a DNA consisting of Technology, Knowledge & Design. 

By approaching our teaching profession as designers, we are not only able to improve our teaching on a daily basis, but also to implement various innovations such as just-in-time-learning, assess failures and open-ended challenges that are being assessed by social validation. We justify our actions through a form of action research. We learn from experiments and adjust them accordingly, before we scale them up, just like designers and makers routinely do. 

Education is not a preparation for life. We believe that education is part of life itself. Where “learning” is the connecting factor.

During our programs we help students to develop into Self Directed Professionals.

These professionals have the ability to work together creatively with people in different fields and across disciplines & cultures. Perhaps the most important thing is that they know how they can and want to take the next step in their personal and professional development.

Design Based Learning

Today's students are the ones who can proactively contribute to an innovative and sustainable smart brainport region in the future. We believe that students now (during school) can also contribute to the 'smartest region'. In our view, it is necessary for them to develop so-called TEC knowledge and skills.

TEC stands for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Those who have these TEC skills have an eye for social innovation, are immersed in technological issues, dare to do business and seek cooperation with others in a creative way.

We believe that everyone can be meaningful with their own talents, knowledge and skills. That is why it is important that attention is paid from an early age to exploring and concretising children's unique added value in collaborating and achieving results. 

Our mission is to train students to become professionals with a strong self-directing capacity, so that they can take responsibility for their own development and the world in which they live and work. To this end, Fontys Pulsed develops various Fontys-wide educational programs and uses the same didactic concept in all its programs: Design Based Learning (DBL).

Wanted: Creative Brand Designer

In the role of the creative brand achiever you get the opportunity to work in a dynamic working environment with plenty of opportunities and challenges in the field of marketing & communication (intern & extern). You are going to work actively on stimulating further growth and strengthening of the PULSED brand.

As a relatively new team within Fontys University of Applied Sciences, we have tried from the start to establish PULSED as a brand. Because we are different in the landscape of education. We make a difference in the educational approach as in the learning outcomes of our programmes. We struggle with the opportunity of how we simply but powerfully connect different target groups, products and activities under one brand.

We are looking for a independent and entrepreneurial generalist who can and wants to act on both a strategic and an operational level. We believe that sharing 'real' stories in both vlogs and blogs is important to reach our target group.


Fontys has excellent development opportunities for employees. As with our students, our starting point is 'Growth through attention and challenge'. We challenge employees to develop their talents. Fontys has very good (secondary) terms of employment, such as a wide range of career and development opportunities, an extensive range of activities for a healthy and active lifestyle ('Fontys Fit'), an end-of-year bonus and a number of group insurances. In addition, Fontys has a flexible working hours and leave scheme.


The Fontys colleges are part of a top-notch technical region and wants to anticipate regional development optimally by providing an important contribution to the regional knowledge infrastructure. For that reason the focus resides with the knowledge domains present in the South-eastern Netherlands region. The Engineering and Automotive college focuses on the knowledge domains of Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive. Our institute has lectorates in Mechatronics and Automotive and two expertise centres: the Centre of Expertise HTSM (High Tech Systems & Materials) and the Automotive Centre of Expertise (together with the colleges of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Rotterdam). Our research has three pillars: Future mobility, Smart manufacturing and Design of High Tech Equipment. 

The Engineering and Automotive college consists of around 2,500 students and around 180 employees. Our education can be taken in Dutch as well as English (except Automotive) and around twenty percent of our students come from abroad. Inquisitive, entrepreneurial, involved and reliable are the core values of our college. These core values represent what is important to us and help shape our quality. They are values that connect us and they shape the core of our organizational culture. 

The south of the Netherlands distinguishes itself both nationally and internationally by its innovative, dynamic economy based on the latest technological knowledge. The Brainport region and adjacent regions have a broad industrial foundation, fed by expansive research capacity and a unique network of manufacturers and designers.

Functie eisen

You are able to shape your own role as a professional. You work transparently on goals set with the team. PULSED consists of a group of multidisciplinary experts who are helpfull to assist you with advice and assistance, but we expect you to be independent and to have ownership and perseverance to achieve success.

We expect a practice what we preach mentality in which you are not afraid to make mistakes. You dare to try out and redefine materials until an acceptable level is reached.

  • Capable of making 'real' social connections with students & team members;

  • Comfortable to activate students to collaborate;

  • Analyze and refine the design of the brand;

  • Optimizing the customer journey(s) and associated touchpoints;

  • Set up and activate content strategy;

  • Broadening the student target groups within the Netherlands and beyond;

  • Continuously looking for innovative ideas/strategies to strengthen the PULSED formula;

  • Devising and executing campaigns;

  • Collaborate with graphic designers and other content developers;

  • Good at switch tasking;

  • Affinity and knowledge and skills of graphic design

  • Thinks and realizes in both online and offline content.

  • Ingenious in solving problems.

Education and background:

  • Bachelor with working experience;
  • Practical experiences with content strategy & brand building;
  • Mastery of the English language at least at C1 level.


Form of contract: 12 months with an option to extension

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