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Bee health professor (0,6 fte)

Geplaatst: 14-06-2018
Sluitingsdatum: 02-07-2018
Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
Leeuwarden (Friesland) 
Onderzoek / Lector 
min. 0,6 fte, max. 0,6 fte 
max. 15 (€5.375,64 - €6.940,60) 
Economie, Agro & food 


Nature of position:

The Bee health professor’s activities focus on the following aspects: Network, Knowledge and Research. The emphasis is on bee health and beekeeping. In addition, the aim is to appoint an associate professor within the research group who will focus on biodiversity and pollinators in particular.

  • Network: Establishing and maintaining contacts with representatives of the organisations that manage green spaces in the broadest sense of the word in the Netherlands, with the aim of increasing the number of flowering plants that produce nectar and pollen.

  • Knowledge: Combining existing knowledge as well as developing and disseminating knowledge.

    The following applies to knowledge on bee health in particular: Making knowledge visible, disseminating it and making it available digitally, on the Internet for example, and using the network/digital platform owned by NBV and LTO (Bijenkennisnet) as a potential source of inspiration.

  • Research: The research will mainly be practice-oriented in nature, in which projects are based on questions posed by beekeepers, green managers and other parties involved. Several parties can be involved in the implementation, such as beekeepers, farmers, researchers, schools, students, municipalities and green space managers.

    VHL University of Applied Sciences appoints the Bee health professor to focus on:

  • the various connecting themes between the professors in the Animals & Business domain and other VHL University of Applied Sciences domains;

  • educational tasks such as increasing the appeal of VHL University of Applied Sciences' programmes, making education more practice-oriented and improving the match between the study programme and the requirements of businesses.


We are an international, green knowledge institute that is supported by applied research within several lectorates as we provide education with passion and skill. We train proactive professionals who responsibly and entrepreneurially make a positive contribution to a sustainable society.


Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) University of Applied Sciences offers several Bachelor’s and Master's degree programmes – including professional programmes –, Associate degree programmes and courses. VHL University of Applied Sciences also conducts applied research at study locations in Leeuwarden and Velp.


Causes and context

Bee health professor must be appointed as part of the Dutch government's ‘Bijengezondheid‘ (Bee health) action programme. On the one hand, this Bee health professor combines the available scientific knowledge, and on the other they connect all parties involved with bees and beekeeping. These involved parties are educators, beekeeping organisations, agriculture, businesses, governments, nature conservation organisations and site managers.

The role of “Bee broker” will be fulfilled by a Bee health professor at VHL University of Applied Sciences. The professor and the lectorate concerned will be part of the Animals & Business organisational unit’s Applied Research Centre (ARC).

The lectorate's general objective is to use green education, in collaboration with beekeeping organisations and all other stakeholders, to promote bee health and a healthy bee population, for both honey bees and wild bees.

The Bee health professor plays a central, connecting role between research, lecturers who teach higher vocational and intermediate vocational education in green education, trainers for courses such as beekeeping programmes, agriculture, nature conservation organisations, governments and site managers. The professor directs a knowledge network in which lecturer-researchers participate. The professor may also provide guidance to a common knowledge network that focuses on biodiversity with fellow lecturers. This professor-led knowledge network contributes to combining currently fragmented knowledge, circulating knowledge between education, research, practice and an improving education in the field of bee health. It also focuses on encouraging cooperation between all parties involved.
The lectorate receives basic funding, but the professor is expected to play a leading role in externally obtaining the necessary resources to continue to fund the lectorate after the first year.

Functie eisen

Position requirements

  • has demonstrable unifying qualities;

  • has a PhD and has several years of experience as a researcher;

  • has an excellent reputation as a researcher;
  • is able to obtain project grants and other external sources of funding;
  • has an affinity with education in the field of animals, animals and welfare or green living environment and is able to make an active contribution to educational development;
  • possesses knowledge of current developments in higher education and has a well-considered vision of the place of applied research in higher vocational education;
  • has leadership experience in complex processes and projects;
  • has experience in the functional management of professionals;
  • has experience in teaching professors and students about research competences;
  • knows how to establish connections between researchers, professors and external stakeholders such as professionals and clients;
  • has access to or is building up networks and makes them available to VHL University of Applied Sciences and other involved parties;
  • has an innovative personality that generates new ideas, in line with VHL University of Applied Sciences' research policy;
  • is result-oriented, conscious of their environment and perceptive;
  • is able to transfer their expertise to administrators and management as well as convince them of the desirability of innovation in education and research, while taking into account the interests of the organisation and VHL University of Applied Sciences’ course;
  • is prepared to work on processes and systems for the further improvement of the quality of research and education within VHL University of Applied Sciences.


You can send your application letter, including CV and quoting the vacancy number, online until 3  July 2018 with the apply button on www.werkenbijhogescholen.nl

Applications submitted otherwise will not be considered. First round Job selections are scheduled for week 27 and the interviews will be in week 33.

You can find the Dutch version of this vacancy at: https://www.hvhl.nl/over+ons/werken+bij

Principals only. NO RECRUITERS.


We offer a temporary contract (0.6 fte) with the intention to extend it to further define.
Salary (depends on knowledge and experience) is a maximum of € 7.114,12 gross per month for a full-time position (in accordance with the Hay job profile for Lector 2, 15 CAO-HBO) The Dutch Collective Labour Agreement for Higher Professional Education (CAO HBO) applies to this position.

Contact informatie

For more information about this vacancy, please contact Tjalling Huisman, Dean Animals and Business, tel. +31 58 2846311.

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